Prof. Anand "A Business Case for a Better Boardroom"

Feb. 13, 2013

Prof. Anita Anand was quoted in the Globe & Mail on February 13, 2013 in "A Business Case for a Better Boardroom".  The article considered academic research on the link between better corporate governance practices and financial and shareholder results.  The article refers to Prof. Anand's important findings: "research has found connections between board composition, ownership structure and the presence of institutional investors and 'valuation outcomes' for a company. Effective disclosure, compensation and shareholders’ rights practices have also been found to have a positive relationship to performance." 

Prof. Anita Anand has complied a summary of research in the area for The Canadian Coalition for Good Governance which will be releasing a report (For more information see

Prof. Anand's full memo can be viewed here

Prof. Anand's leading work in the area is a focus area for the Centre's new Program on Ethics in Law & Business, which officiallly launches on March 5, 2013.