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CJO Advisory Commitee on Professionalism

  • Defining Professionalism – This article outlines 10 important “building blocks” of professionalism.  It was referred to by Justice Goudge in his seminar in our March 9 Program on Professionalism and in the March 4 workshop on Teaching Professionalism. 


Professor Emir Crowne – University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Professor Ronit Dinovitzer – University of Toronto, Department of Sociology

Professor Adam M. Dodek
– University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law – Common Law Section

 Professor Trevor C. W. Farrow – York University, Osgoode Hall Law School

Dean Paul Paton – University of Alberta

  • Article - The Company Moral Compass
  • Article - Corporate Counsel as Corporate Conscience: Ethics and Integrity in the Post-Enron Era
  • Article - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Article – Multidisciplinary Practice Redux: Globalization, Core Values, and Reviving the MDP Debate in America
  • Article –  “Cooperation, Co-Option or Coercion? The FATF Lawyer Guidance and Regulation of the Legal Profession” (2010) Journal of the Professional Lawyer 165.
  • Article - “Multidisciplinary Practice Redux: Globalization, Core Values and Reviving the MDP Debate in America,” (2010) 78 Fordham L. Rev. 2193.  It has also been selected for inclusion in excerpted form in the new casebook Professional Responsibility: A Contemporary Approach, by Russell G. Pearce, Daniel J. Capra, and Bruce A. Green, published by West. 
  • Commentary - “Principles and Aspirations – Paralegals: The Rules, Regulations and Codes of Conduct,” Briefly Speaking (Ontario Bar Association Magazine), August 2010 
  • Commentary – “Who’s Your Client?” Lawyers’ Weekly In-House Counsel Magazine, Spring 2010 [commentary on Stanford Financial Group and lawyer ethical conduct] 
  • Commentary – “Enron, Hollinger and the Future of Honest Services Fraud,” Lawyers Weekly In-House Counsel Magazine, Fall 2010

Dean Lorne Sossin – Osgoode Hall Law School

Professor David Tanovich – University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Journals and papers

The following papers and journals are collected from various sources in Canada, the US and international academic publications and are focused exclusively on issues of ethics and the legal profession.

  • Report of the review of large and complex criminal case procedures
    On February 25, 2008, Attorney General Chris Bentley appointed us to conduct “a review of large and complex criminal case procedures.” He asked us to “identify issues and recommend solutions to move large, complex cases through the justice system faster and more effectively.” We agreed to prepare a written report, after conducting “focused discussions with defence and Crown counsel, the judiciary, Legal Aid Ontario, police agencies and others involved in large, complex criminal cases.” We also agreed to deliver our Report to the Attorney General within six months and the Attorney General advised that it would be made public.
  • Cardozo Public Law, Policy, and Ethics Journal
    The Cardozo Public Law, Policy & Ethics Journal is a multidisciplinary publication dedicated to discussing and analyzing the policy implications of governmental actions, how lawyers advocate in the public interest, and how the ethical choices of legal workers affect the law and the public at large.
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
    Criminal Justice Ethics is a semi-annual journal designed to focus greater attention on ethical issues in criminal justice by philosophers, criminal justice professionals, lawyers and judges, and the general public.
  • The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics
    The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics is published quarterly by the students of the Georgetown University Law Center.
  • International Journal of the Legal Profession
    The International Journal of the Legal Profession is an academic journal addressing the organization, structure, management and infrastructure of the legal professions of the common law and civil law world.The journal encompasses studies of the work, work practices, skills and ethics of the legal profession as well as the internal management of law firms and chambers. It also considers the methods and extent of provision of legal services.
  • Legal Ethics
    Legal Ethics is an international and interdisciplinary journal devoted to the field of legal ethics. The journal provides an intellectual meeting ground for academic lawyers, practitioners and policy-makers to debate developments shaping the ethics of law and its practice at the micro and macro levels.
  • Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy
    The mission of the Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy is to explore legal, ethical, and policy consideration within the framework of the Judeo-Christian intellectual and moral tradition.
  • The Professional Lawyer
    The Professional Lawyer is dedicated solely to the examination of professional responsibility in the legal profession. This quarterly publication of the American Bar Association’s Center for Professional Responsibility continues to expand its coverage to keep readers current on a broad range of professional responsibility issues, programs and developments related to ethics, professionalism, regulation and competence.

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