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13th Colloquium – November 2010

Lawyer, Legends, Legacies and Lessons from Ontario Legal History

Video recording from Day 1: Part 1

Video recording from Day 1: Part 2

Video recording from Day 1: Part 3

Video recording from Day 1: Part 4

Video recording from Day 1: Part 5

Video recording from Day 1: Part 6

    • Day 2

Video recording from Day 2: Part 1

Video recording from Day 2: Part 2

Video recording from Day 2: Part 3

Video recording from Day 2: Part 4

Video recording from Day 2: Part 5

  • Papers

Jim Phillips: 
The Osgoode Society, Legal History and Biography

C. Ian Kyer: 
Cecil (Caesar) A. Wright

Jacqueline Briggs: 
Norman Lickers

Kent Roach: 
G. Arthur Martin

Philip Girard: 
Bora Laskin

Mélanie Brunet: 
Vera Parsons

Jamie B. Cameron
: Bertha Wilson

Laurel MacDowell: 
J.L. Cohen

The Honourable Justice Robert J. Sharpe and Patricia McMahon: 
Persons Case

Jim Phillips: 
Manitoba Fisheries Case

Philip Girard
: Laskin as Engaged Academic


12th Colloquium – March 2009

The Independence of the Bar and If It Matters

Richard F. Devlin
: The End(s) of Self Regulation?

Adam M. Dodek: 
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Lawyers and Power in Canadian Society

Roy W. Millen
: Money Laundering and the Regulation of the Legal Profession

Clayton Ruby
: Speaking Notes of Clayton Ruby

The Honourable Mr. Justice James M. Spence: 
Why the Independence of the Bar Matters


11th Colloquium – November 2008

Professionalism and Serving Communities

Susan Ursel: 
Some Notes on the Experience of Working in Community with the Gay and Lesbian Communities of Ontario

Yedida Zalik: 
Linguistic Access and the Legal Profession – reflections from work in rights education

Clare E. Burns: 
Child Clients – An Ongoing Ethical Dilemma

Louise A. Stratford
: Protecting Vulnerable Adults – A Community Responsibility

Dennis W. Archer
: Lawyers As Healers

Loretta P. Merritt: 
Civil Sexual Assault – Representing The Plaintiff

Larry Wilson: 
Victims of Sexual Assault – Who Represents Them in Criminal Proceedings?

Suzan E. Fraser
: Sanism and The Legal Profession – Why Mad People Should Be Angry

Lana Kerzner
: Providing Legal Services to People with Disabilities

Dr. Christopher Waters
: Oversight of Our Troops ‘Over There’

David M. Tanovich – Revised January 8, 2009
: Learning To Act Like A Lawyer – A Model Code Of Professional Responsibility For Law Students

David Lepofsky
: Carole Riback Memorial Lecture (MP3)


10th Colloquium – March 2008

Professionalism: Ideals, Challenges, Myths and Realities

Margaret A. Ross: 
Challenges to the Standards of Professionalism in the Legal Profession

Jordan Furlong
: Professionalism Revived – Diagnosing the Failure of Professionalism among Lawyers and Finding a Cure

The Honourable Justice Michael J. Moldaver: 
Preventing the Criminal Law Process from Undermining Justice

Gavin MacKenzie: 
How Murkey can a Bright Line be? 
Coping with Conflicts of Interest in the wake of R. v. Neil

Ronald F. Caza: 
La profession juridique contribue à la préservation d’un Canada uni lorsqu’elle assure un accès à la justice en français en Ontario

M. Virginia MacLean, Q.C.: 
Fashioning the Economic Model to Prevent Marginalization of Women and Minorities

David W. Scott, Q.C.: 
Are Radical Solutions in Order? Affordable Legal Services & Access to Justice

Avarita L. Hanson: 
Professionalism and the Judiciary – Lessons Learned As Georgia Approaches 20 Years of Institutionalizing Professionalism

The Honourable Mr. Justice Paul M. Perell: 
The Civil Law of Civility


9th Colloquium – October 2007

Legal Ethics in Action

Edward J. Waitzer: 
Ethics in Business Law

Thomas G. Heintzman O.C., Q.C.: 
Ethical Issues Relating to Lawyers and Unrepresented Litigants in the Civil Justice System

Wendy Matheson: 
Civility – Ten Litigators to watch out for

Raj Anand
: Fostering Pro Bono Service in the Legal Profession – Challenges Facing the Pro Bono Ethic

Paul Calarco: 
Not in my Court You Don’t!!


8th Colloquium – May 2007

The Challenges of Leadership

Diana C. Miles: 
Leadership in Legal Education – Evaluating Expectations

Professor Stephen G.A. Pitel
: Charting New Courses – Leadership in Curriculum Reform
. A revised version of this paper has subsequently been published in (2007) 5 Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education 39.

John McKellar, Q.C.: 
Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector

Claude Pensa, Q.C.: 
Lawyers in the Community

Judith M. Potter: 
Panel – Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector

The Honourable Sue Barnes, P.C., M.P.: 
The Challenges of Leadership

Heather Joy Ross
: What Would Henry Think?

M. David Lepofsky
: The Long, Arduous Road To A Barrier-Free Ontario For People With Disabilities
. Reprinted from (2004) 15 N.J.C.L. 125 by permission of M. David Lepofsky, and Thomson Carswell, a division of Thomson Canada Limited.

Geoff Beattie
: A Thousands Paths to Leadership – Observations and Learnings on Leadership in Business

Professor Emeritus David Mullan: 
The Challenges of Leadership – Leadership and Governance

Bruce P. Elman: 
Creating a Culture of Professional Responsibility and Ethics – a Leadership Role for Law Schools


7th Colloquium – October 2006

Polemics and Professionalism

David Tanovich: 
Law’s Ambition and the Reconstruction of Role Morality in Canada

Earl A. Cherniak, Q.C. and Shelby Z.C. Austin: 
Standing for Justice – The Lawyer’s Role in the Client Selection Process

Professor Emeritus Harry Glasbeek: 
Background Notes to Professionalism and Commercialism – The legal profession has sold its soul to Mammon

Jay L. Naster
: Divided Loyalties

Paul D. Paton: 
Corporate Counsel as Corporate Conscience – Ethics and Integrity in the Post-Enron Era


6th Colloquium – March 2006

Law and Lawyers in Literature and Film

Michael Asimow: 
When the Lawyer Knows the Client is Guilty – 
Legal Ethics, and Popular Culture

The Honourable Mr. Justice James M. Farley: 
Law, Lawyers and Judges in Literature

Angela Fernandez: 
Legal Education & A Civil Action in Canada – (In)visibility of the Courtroom in Film

Greig Henderson: 
Keeping Fury Underground – Rational Justice in Aeschylus’s Oresteia

The Honourable Mr. Justice Gordon Killeen: 
Judgments as literature – Some Thoughts on Masters of the Craft

Treasurer Gavin MacKenzie: 
Shakespeare and the Law

Dermot P. Nolan
: Showtime – Courtroom or Theatre; “It’s the Performance, Stupid”

Justice Gary Trotter
: Integrity and Honour in Criminal Litigation – Hollow Aspirations or Enforceable Standards?


5th Colloquium – October 2005

Honour, Integrity and Professionalism in the Legal Profession

Professor Fiona Kay
: Integrity in a Changing Profession – Issues of Diversity and Inclusion

Professor Paul Paton
: Ethics and Integrity – In-House and Corporate Practice

Margaret O’Sullivan: 
Integrity in Estates Practice


4th Colloquium – March 2005

Accessing the Justice in Professionalism

The Honourable Eleanore A. Cronk
: Professionalism and Barriers to Justice

David M. Tanovich: 
The Reconstruction of a Distinctly Canadian Role Morality “In the Interests of Justice” and the Implications for Reform

Kwasi Kafele: 
Understanding Cultural Competence

Rose Voyvodic
: Advancing the Justice Ethic Through Cultural Competence

Avvy Y.Y. Go
: Playing Second Fiddle to Yo-Yo Ma

Charles C. Smith: 
Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Social Constructionists? Or Shedding Light on The Unpardonable Whiteness Of The Canadian Legal Profession

Bryan Finlay, Q.C.
: Public Interest Lawyering – Working in Partnership

Frank H. Wu: 
The Implications of ‘Bleached-Out’ Professionalism for Racialized Lawyers and Communities


3rd Colloquium – October 2004

The Honourable Roy McMurtry: 
The Legal Profession and Public Service

Paul M. Perell: 
Deceived with Ornament – Law, Lawyers and
 Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

The Honourable Louise Charron
: Journal intime d’une juriste franco-ontarienne

The Honourable Mr. Justice Allan Hilton: 
The Practice of Law in Quebec – 
The Perspective of an Anglophone Quebecer

Jim Varro and Paul Perell: 
Elements of Professionalism

  • Other Papers on Professionalism

Rupert Ross
: Exploring Criminal Justice and The Aboriginal Healing Paradigm


2nd Colloquium – March 2004

The Honourable Louise Arbour: 
Lawyers in a World Criminal Court

Professor Bruce P. Archibald, Q.C.: Co-ordinating Canada’s Restorative and Inclusionary Models of Criminal Justice: The Legal Profession and the Exercise of Discretion under a Reflexive Rule of Law

Austin M. Cooper, Q.C
.: The “Good” Criminal Law Barrister

Christine A. McGoey: 
The “Good” Criminal Law Barrister – A Crown Perspective

The Honourable John W. Morden:
 The “Good” Judge

The Honourable Robert J. Sharpe
: The Life of Chief Justice Dickson


1st Colloquium – October 2003

The Honourable Robert Rae: 
Society and the Rule of Law 
- Transcription of The Honourable Robert Rae Presentation

The Right Honourable Justice Beverley McLachlin, P.C.: 
Judges in a Multi-cultural Society

The Honourable Justice Rosalie Abella, Court of Appeal for Ontario: 
Justice and Literature

Dr. Randal Graham: 
Defining “The Good Lawyer”

Professor Constance Backhouse
: Gender and Race in the Construction of “Legal Professionalism” – Historical Perspectives


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