Women in Transition

"My attendance at this program was my turning point… the impetus I needed to refocus. The session was incredibly empowering. I am now practicing in the area of Estate Planning and Real Estate in Peterborough with an amazing senior practitioner. The confidence I have practicing is largely attributable to the Women in Transition program. I have spoken to many women at various stages of their career and those who are unemployed about this program. Those who are not lawyers are sad that this type of program is not available to all women irrespective of their career choices. It seems that we women are our own worst enemies in not believing in ourselves and our abilities. So thank you for hosting this program the first time, and thank you for bringing it back for those who need this reminder of how great they really are."
Seabourne Geale-Barker, WIT Alumni

Today's legal environment offers greater options than ever before for women wanting to combine family and other personal pursuits with a rewarding legal career - including alternative careers in law firms, business, regulatory bodies, the public interest, community organizations, government, academia and the university, as well as a range of part-time and full-time options and share arrangements in more traditional practice areas.

This two-day intensive program designed to increase your understanding of the new legal marketplace, highlight your options, gain confidence in yourself, and provide you with practical tools and tips to prepare you for your next rewarding career in law.

See more information about the last Women in Transition program to learn more about the program, agenda, speakers and who should register.