Academic Director's Message

Dear Members of Our Community,

I am honoured to be the Academic Director of the Centre for the Legal Profession at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.  Since my appointment in Fall 2010, the CLP has worked to advance the dialogue on ethics and professionalism with law students, judges and lawyers in many aspects of the legal profession. We have offered a variety of programs, workshops, conferences, presentations, and resources and we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for these programs!

The CLP has an important mandate: exploring and our understanding of the increasingly complex and challenging ethical issues that face the legal profession.  We seek to encourage dialogue on a multiplicity of issues such as, what it means to be a “professional” in a transnational and multi-disciplinary service economy, what qualities we as members of the legal profession should model, and whether we should encourage our clients to strive to do not only what is legal but what is “right”.

In 2013, the CLP launched a new initiative: The Program on Ethics in Law & Business. This Program examines ethics and professionalism at the intersection of law and business.   We appointed an Advisory Board, held an Official Launch event, retained a research assistant, issued a Call for Submissions, and organized a panel discussion on Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In”. We have more recently offered the following conferences, "Examining the Proposed Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System" and "Proxy Access Roundtable." We are now busy preparing for our fall conference. 

I am committed to bringing current professionalism issues to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and thought.  Your ongoing support and participation motivates us to continue delivering relevant, thought-provoking programs.

Please get in touch with me at, with any suggestions or questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours very truly,

Anita Anand
Professor of Law
Academic Director, Centre for the Legal Profession
University of Toronto