Shared Resources Initiative

The Law Society of Upper Canada’s new requirements for mandatory CPD training in the areas of professionalism, ethics, and practice management have created a need for relevant, affordable, and accessible professionalism resources. The Shared Resources Initiative was developed to respond to this need. We believe that sharing professionalism resources with lawyers and legal professionals, as well as the community at large, is an important and pressing goal. In this regard, the Initiative brings together professionalism resources and makes them publically available so that everyone can access this important information and advance their professional development in a meaningful way.

The Initiative has two main two components: Professionalism Resources, an electronic database of professionalism materials, and the Speaker’s List. The Professionalism Resources database contains materials that have been donated by prominent law firms and legal organizations in the Toronto area whose support has made this project possible. These materials can be used for self-study, personal research, discussion groups, or as a resource for building professionalism programs and activities to meet your CPD requirements. Please note that you are responsible for seeking accreditation for your program, where applicable, from the relevant law society.

The Speaker’s List provides contact information for eminent lawyers, judges, and legal academics who have expressed their willingness to participate in, or speak at, professionalism events. We hope that the Speaker’s List is a useful resource for those looking to indentify potential speakers or participants. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability or willingness of speakers to participate in your event.

 The Initiative was generously funded by a grant from the Law Foundation of Ontario.