About Us


The University of Toronto Faculty of Law established Canada’s first Centre for the Legal Profession (formerly Centre for Professionalism, Ethics and Public Service) in 2008, with the assistance of seed funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario for the first three years of operation.

The CLP runs under the leadership of Academic Director Anita Anand.  The Centre’s goal is to broaden and deepen our understanding of professionalism, ethics and public service, and the relationship between them.  As a gathering place for leading voices from the spheres of the academic, private practice, judicial and public interest communities, the Centre seeks to forge a stronger link between the study of law, the practice of law, and the implications of law.

Housed at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, the Centre benefits from and contributes to a vibrant set of kindred initiatives, such as the Chief Justice of Ontario’s Advisory Committee on Ethics and Professionalism and its pioneering work through colloquia with Ontario’s law schools. The Centre collaborates in its activities with the Law Society and other legal organizations, the Courts, other law schools and Universities across Canada and abroad, and public interest organizations.

The Centre seeks to build on three pillars for enhanced learning related to professionalism, ethics and public service:

  1. Academic Programming for Law Students, including the Program on Professionalism
  2. Outreach to the Profession, including accredited continuing professional development courses, professional skills training, and special outreach projects  and relationships with private firms, government and public interest legal organizations.
  3. Public service and student leadership, including support to curricular enrichment activities such as Downtown Legal Services, Pro Bono Students Canada, the LAWS program (Law in Action Within Schools), the International Human Rights Clinic, and other law school organizations.

Contact Us

 To contact us, please email the Academic Director, Anita Anand, at: anita.anand@utoronto.ca or call at: 416-946-4002.