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  • Professor Michael Code, University of Toronto “Lifelong Learning in Professionalism: a Role for the Academy”  (Presentation)
  • Dean Brent Cotter, University of Saskatchewan “Legal Ethics Instruction in Canadian Law Schools: laying the foundation for lifelong learning in professionalism” (Presentation (PDF))
  • Justice Stephen Goudge, Court of Appeal for Ontario, “The Goodman Lecture: Looking Back and Looking Forward on Learning in Professionalism” (Presentation)
  • John Hunter, President, Law Society of British Columbia “Post-Call Professional Legal Eduction – The B.C. Approach” (Presentation)
  • Professor Bradley Wendel, Cornell University “If Lifelong Learning is the Solution, What is the Problem?  A Perspective from south of the border” (Presentation)
  • Professor Alice Woolley, University of Calgary “The Character of Continuing Education in Legal Ethics” (Presentation)
  • Not That Into You, American Lawyer By Ronit Dinovitzer and Bryant Garth
    Why are associates so unhappy? The answer may lie not in the nature of their jobs, but in the associates themselves. The current economic crisis threatens many leading corporate law firms. Layoffs are legion, profits are down, and new hiring is limited. What that situation obscures, however, is that there may be deeper problems, not just for particular law firms, but for the entire structural model that sustains law firm recruitment and profitability

In Conversation: Ethics and Professionalism

In the summer of 2009, two U. of Toronto law students interviewed judges and lawyers on topics relating to ethics and the legal profession. They assumed responsibility for turning these conversations into the video clips linked below. The project was funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, and supported by the Centre for the Legal Profession.


Part 1: Reputation and the Culture of Integrity

Part 2: Aggression and Sharp Practice

Part 3: Privileged Documents

Part 4(a): Challenging Lawyer-Client Relationships

Part 4(b): Challenging Lawyer-Client Relationships

Part 5: Mentorship

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The Chief Justice of Ontario’s Symposium onLifelong Learning in Professionalism

Session One: What is life long learning and why is it needed?
Summary Report

Session Two: What are the different approaches to “lifelong learning”? What can we learn from other jurisdictions?
Summary Report

Session Three: What is the role of the stakeholders?/Conclusions/Next Steps
Summary Report

Goodman Lecture with Justice Stephen Goudge, Court of Appeal for Ontario: Looking Back and Looking Forward on Learning in Professionalism
Summary Report